Getting Started with O2DES.Net

This page guides you in setting up your first O2DESNet project.


  1. Install Visual Studio if you have not already done so. The free Visual Studio Community is sufficient.
  2. Install the O2DES.Net Template from Visual Studio Gallery.

Setting up your project

  1. Create a new project in Visual Studio File > New > Project...
  2. Select O2DESNet Simulator template under Visual C#. Specify your project and solution name as well as the solution directory. This template automatically creates a C# project with the required O2DES classes and references.
  3. Perform an initial build Build > Build Solution. During the first build, Visual Studio should automatically download the relevant NuGet Packages. Should it fail to obtain the relevant NuGet Packages, see the subsequent section.

New O2DESNet Project

Getting the relevant NuGet Packages

Note: skip this step if the initial build has successfully downloaded the relevant NuGet Packages.
1. Open NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio Project > Manage NuGet Packages...
2. Search and download the following packages: MathNet.Numerics and O2DESNet

You should see the following packages installed in your NuGet Package Manager:

Installed NuGet Packages

You are now ready to work on your O2DESNet project!